Saturday, October 9, 2010

Skatey Saturday


This is what my son talked me into doing this moring.

Yup. We put on our Skates and got a little crazy. He's only been asking me for 6 months if my brokey toe is good enough to skate. I put him off for a while, but this week he found his skates in his closet which prompted more discussion. Pretty sure it had been at least Sam's lifetime since I'd put them on...probably Chris's too. Think my feet have changed a little in that time. But he was so cute. He was so excited, he's got such wonderful Energy.

But he had such a great time. We found putting Sam in the car, worked as Excellent prop to hold us up.

Think that it was the most physical activity I had all day. Dude, it's a lot of exercise getting myself around on skates, let alone pushing one and holding on to another to prevent him from falling. Oh yeah, and I fell on my butt too. But at least we could all laugh about it.

The most important thing is that we all got back up again, and were successfully able to walk back into the house!