Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Window

My sweet husband. When the framing went up on the house over the last 2 weeks, as we walked through the house, I asked, "Did we not get a kitchen window?"
I know I remember thinking, "Oh my, this kitchen is going to be Dark." I may have mentioned it...in passing, you know asking things like "How hard would it be to add a kitchen window now?" or "How much would the guys charge us to add on a kitchen window?" Stuff like that.

Sunday morning, I stop by the lot to bring reinforcements to Eric as he's building stairs, just 4 steps from the garage into the house and another few from the back door to the backyard. He shows me his progress, and as I'm Oooing and Ahhhing, he says, I was thinking if I am done by 1, I may run back to Lowe's and see if they have any custom windows that have been returned on clearance that we could use. Then maybe I can just build a frame around it.

I held my breath. At 12:45 I called him, yup, he'd decided to Do It. To build me a window. The boys and I went on with our day, not seeing Eric. I brought him dinner and he said he was making great progress, and he'd be home soon.

I laughed, and told him, if he wasn't home by midnight, I'd have to come back and get him. He came home at 11:58 pm. Not Kidding.

So yesterday, I went out to the lot. Yes, he had built me a window. That was just about the most romantic thing he's done for me in months. In't this the sweetest thing.

My window was just a framed hole yesterday morning. But by end of the day, we had windows and doors throughout the house, minus the custom entry window who is coming.

But isn't that just the sweetest thing? My own Kitchen Window!

Do you think it's strange that I get all teary, sentimental and sappy about a kitchen window? Eric says if I get all mushy about stuff like garage doors and window, I'm going to be a blubbering mess when we actually move in.