Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dog Tired


Today was an amazing day. High stress. We got a call while I was bringing Chris home for school that a real estate agent wanted to show our house!


Sure, you think hooray, but if you'd seen our basement Monday...well you would think OH CRAP! We'd dismantled the entertainment center, and though we'd gotten rid of it, there was still significant carnage on the basement floor. Our realtor was disinclined to take pictures when we showed him, it was that bad.
Suddenly we found ourselves Scrambling.
And my sweet wonderful husband skipped out early to come home and help us scramble. I'm so Blessed! Well, he did a great job.

The basement looks so spacious, I just want to hang out here and enjoy it's peacefulness. But I'm so Tired. Aren't we all. Only Sam got a nap this afternoon.

You can see the great mood he was in. I just love how Fina puts up with it. She's so good natured.

Bottom's Up! Time for a drink to end this day on.


Suellen said...

And so it begins...Showings get really old after awhile so hang in there. On the bright side, your house will never feel cleaner and bigger! :)

Cathy said...

They said we had Great Curb appeal, but that our closets could use to be emptied some more...yeah, we hadn't gotten to any of them. That there was a slight pet odor (little do they know, that's an improvement over the smell when we had Angel!) And that the couple is more in a place to rent to buy at this time. Eric's thinking, then WHY are they looking at my house?