Friday, October 29, 2010

A Visit from Opa


My Dad came out to visit this evening. Nothing fancy, chili in the crock pot, and a young boy who wanted to play in spite of having Outpatient surgery this morning. That was adventure enough.

But he settled for getting to sit in Opa's new car, which has a "Way Back Seat" that points behind, folds up and down, and is specially formulated for 4-12 year olds to ride in Without a Carseat. Did I write that? Yup. Without. A. Carseat! And I let Chris ride in it between houses. And He LOVED it!

Now I can remember not too long ago, when I would ride in a similar location in my babysitter's stationwagon, and I thought it was All That with chips. But that was when they didn't have Seat Belts back there. Sometimes I'm amazed we survived. Then again, we still have Sam ride in his Bucket. He's just about to outgrow it in poundage, he's got another pound to go, but his legs are so thin, that though they are bent, he fits. We have a regular seat in Eric's car, but this works for Sam.

The boys loved visiting with Opa, it was a nice date, without Chris being too adventurous, he's had enough. Sam cracked me up just repeating, "OpaOpaOpaOpa..." all evening long. He's quite the little talker.

Of course, I took a few pictures of Daddy's tour of the new house. But so did he.

And you wonder where I get it?