Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spring in Fall


We had the weirdest weather today. It was like spring, but not. I mean in one sense it was very windy, as a fall Halloween day should be, but on the other hand, it gave me the willies.

Rightly so, turns out our lovely state got 8 tornados touch down today. Oy. We're safe, don't worry. ;)

But the tornado sirens went off here in town, but I was worried about taking Chris to school. Eric assured me that the sirens near his church preschool hadn't gone off, since he works close. So I took Chris in. But then as I was leaving, they went off. So I flipped out a little bit and called a girlfriend of mine to see if we could crash at her place. She let us, and we stayed safely indoors (in a home with a basement) while the wind whipped from 45 up to a supposed 65 miles an hour. It did rain practically horizontally.

It was gone in an hour, and we were left with a morning's rain. When we went home, after Chris's preschool. We stopped by the lot. The top of a tree from the lot across the street broke off in the middle of the street. It was kind of spooky, the brick guys, had JUST moved their cars to the driveway to load them up, they were fixing to call it quits, and loading up. They weren't that scared, until they heard that tree hit the street. Yipes! But they were all Blessedly Safe, and so was the house, and the stuff. Whew!

The storm blew through, and Eric called after a long morning of meetings, I was able to talk him into joining us for lunch at Boulder Creek for Soup. It was a Good day for soup! As we were leaving, the sun was already starting to peep through, and the sky was crazy. Gray clouds on the white sky, and White clouds against a Gray sky. Still weird.

What is this April or something?