Saturday, October 30, 2010



Just when I think I have too much STUFF on the schedule for the boys, and I can't single parent it anymore, or I get tired, God shows me. This morning, I was straining to get it together to take the boys to our MOPS group Trunk-or-Treat.
Now, I had never heard of or participated in a Trunk-or-Treat until this group, now we're on our third annual....and it's so much fun. We decorate the cars, the weather was nice enough, albeit cold and a bit windy, for us to have it outdoors, and we had some food and a craft after going Trick-or-Treating from car to car.

The boys were so happy to help me with the car.

My mother in law came down and sat doling out goodies with the car, Hooray! While I got to go round the trunks with the boys. Though honestly, Chris went himself not really bothering to wait for Sam and I, and not really too concerned about going in order either. But he was having a great time.

Not surprising, Chris wanted to go "To Affinity and a Beyon."

And Sam just might be my child. He was going for the chocolate. Turns out the boy is a fan of M&Ms. I think our new favorite family game just may be, "You might be my child, If...." Sam seems to win me everytime, and Chris usually wins Daddy. On occasion they switch parents. But Sam, Sam likes his candy carbs...just like Ma.