Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peak Times


It's possible that this weekend was the peak in Indiana's color changing is This weekend. Today even. But the temperature was Unseasonably Warm. But as we were driving home we were driving around the back of Eagle Creek Park.

1. On such a gorgeous day like today, the three of us had to stop.

2. Sam in the sun.

3. Chris giving the cheese.

4. Sam on Camera attack

5. Cutie Chris in the shade

6. Chris laying back in the leaves.

7. Even a leafpile is good to teeth in.

8. Both boys were having a great time playing in the leaves.

9. Sam stomps.

10. It was a good day to race in and out of the leaves.

And run off into the sunset.


SuperSillyAunt said...

And I had heard that the trees were going to be a flop this year because of all the dryness...beautiful pictures! Though that's not hard to do with such beautiful subjects :o)