Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Hayride

Saturday night, we went on a Hayride with friends from Chris's preschool. I hadn't been on a hayride in Years, and this was so much fun, it may have to become an Annual thing. We had 5 different families attend, and it was madness, exciting and beautiful, itchy and sneezy, and poopy at times, but it was wonderful.

Chris did what he does best, found a big stick and ran wild.

We had a fire pit, but because it's been so dry, Eagle Creek Park wouldn't let us have a bonfire. But that didn't stop the kids from playing around the fire pit, finding big sticks, like we would have used in a fire, and just marching on the beams Sam wanted so badly to be one of the big kids.

Daddy left off working on the hew house to come out and play with us. It was so fun, we really had a wonderful time together as a family.

Chris climbed into the hay wagon with his friend Grant, right up front.

Maddie wanted Sam to sit next to her, and she was thrilled, she has a beautiful heart for age 8, and she spent the whole hayride taking care of Sam. Future babysitter maybe?

We could tell it was almost time to be done when Chris started letting Bryn cover him in hay.

Unfortunately, Eric's allergic to hay. Not as bad as my sister, but he was itchy and wheezy. But we all were itchy by the time we got home. We stripped down in the garage and paraded directly into the shower. Do not pass Go. And just when I thought I had gotten rid of all the hay through laundry and by not letting it into the house, Chris puts on his shoes this morning, the ones he wore Saturday, and finds hay tucked all in them, takes them off, and spreads it all over the house.

The hayride was great, and I suppose it will be an annual thing for us to have to de-hay the house. But we had so much fun, it may be worth it.