Sunday, October 24, 2010

Butler Homecoming or More Band Cousins


We had planned on going to the Butler Homecoming football game. I was so excited to take Sam to his first Bulldog Football game; I thought he was big enough to enjoy it, or at least enjoy seeing Dawgs and the Band. However, I did not take into consideration, the lack of sleep from the night before impacting the boys' moods. I got the boys all dressed up, and within 5 minutes of each other, Chris got 3 timeouts, and Sam bit me.

OK, there's my sign. We can support the Butler Bulldogs safe and sound from home. We'll play later.

At least they looked good in their matching t-shirts!

After naps, we met other friends in town for Butler's Homecoming at Squealer's BBQ on the northside. Good grub. But the minute Jack came in with his parents Joe and Kate, my boys were Sold. I don't think Chris stopped moving or dancing for a minute.

Jack is 5 months younger than Chris, and his sister Amelie is 6 weeks older than Sam. I wanted to put the youngsters next to each other, and after some initial curiousity, they got along swimmingly. And OH! the Cuteness!!!

I heard her say, Give him a Kiss. Oh yeah, the fight begins over Sam. My boys are just so adorable the girls can't keep off them. ;)

I swear we didn't plan the whole matching shirt thing. Just lucky. Aren't they so cute.

Chris and Jack acted like brothers. They were running all over the place, climbing on chairs, fighting over toys.

Chris and Jack weren't the only ones wearing this shirt, Bryn joined in the fun too!

Our very nice waitress brought balloons for all the kids. That made all their days. They were so excited, they ran simply wild. It was a good thing they let us take over the back room.

Of course, with a giant party like this of Butler band geeks, sig figs, and kiddoes, we had to have a big room. But it's so neat to see everyone, too bad we can't do this Every Homecoming. Maybe we ought to try. Maybe next year we'll host in the new house.


Andrea said...

Cute! I like all the Butler shirts! :)