Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Punkins


What a great time of year. The pre-halloween festivities kicked it up a notch today. First we started small, playing around the house before school this morning. Sam loves balloons, and the boys were having a great time playing with balloony leftovers from cousin Brittany's baby shower.

Chris was on best behavior at school today, so they got to wear costumes to the Children's Museum Haunted House. The theme this year was Skeletown, with visits all around town; as we went through Scary Stadium with Colts garb on skeletons, it cracked me up. Chris had a lot of fun finding "Skely" everywhere. Buzz and Woody were a big hit!

Just thought this was really pretty of Buzz with the reflected glass from the glass blowing exhibit.

This evening, Daddy was home, for the first time in a while, so after supper we ran over to the church to pick out pumpkins. The youth were on it tonight, and were enchanted as the boys went poking through the pumpkin patch. First Sam picked his own.

Then Chris picked his own. It was so heavy, and he kept trying to move it all by himself, with some success, surprisingly.