Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Day


On a normal New Year's Eve, we celebrate with Eric's parents.  This year, though, Mom was having surgery on her foot.  But she did well with the surgery and is already safe and sound at home, that was my NYE wish.   But in the mean time, for the first time, the boys and I just hung out at home.  Eric and Chris went to the store earlier in the day, because GASP! we were going to run out of honey flakey biscuits, which just can't happen, and they read my mind and picked up some videos from the video store.  How crazy to not just choose off of Netflix.  But the kids were so excited with their choices, that they spent half the evening watching cartoons upstairs.  Eric and I watched Iron Man 3, which as it turns out, is a Christmas movie, like Die Hard.  About 8:30 pm, we all watched Oz, the Great and Powerful, turns out PG is just fine for Chris, and Sam was in and out of the room.  I liked it, it stayed fairly true to the old movie, not sure how true to the books it was, it's been Ages since I read any of them.  The boys held up wonderfully. I though they might poop out before the ball dropped, but they held up like superchamps.

Jacob kept us company with his spiffy light. 
He was ready to cheer in the new year! 
Jacob cracked me up by waving Bye Bye to all the people in Times Square. 
Sure, babe, they are waving right back at you. ;) 

After Oz, we watched Ryan Seacrest freezing while we were cozy at home.  
We broke out some sparkling grape juice in real glasses for the big boys too. 

 Oma isn't the only one that can spoil a sweetboy now and then. ;)

Getting ready to watch the ball drop.  
We all had our drinks in hand, and were ready to go! 

It was funny how easily the boys stayed awake. 
Mommy got a second wind, but the boys never wavered.  We never even had to threaten them with bed.  Well done boys.  And I got to spend my New Year's Eve with my favorite sweetboys, just as I like it.