Saturday, December 20, 2014

What's up

So, if I'm up at 2 in the morning with a hotfuss baby, I may as well put the time to good use, and get caught up on some blogging.  At least today was an exhaustingly awesome day, we got to do the big boys' winter parties, and got to have dinner with Uncle Dave, Simon and Christina, who just got in town, for some Extended family holidays, and she was looking all adorably pregnant with her sweet baby bump.  I wish I'd thought to get pictures, but there should be time later today, but that's a story for another blog.  However, Jacob is not feeling well, which isn't surprising, since Christopher got sick earlier in the week.  And what a week for some viral crud to start creeping through this family.  Chris got sick Tuesday, he woke up with a fever.  And poor boy started off with the fever, and by Wednesday evening the fever was gone, but he threw up, probably from not eating much.


Being home with a sickieboo, I got to do my nails.  
That was one productive thing.  Eric was working from home so Jake and I got to get out for our Mom's group.  But I got to go with happy nails, and some coffee creamer, the gals love it when I bring new coffee creamer to try.  They missed me last time, I didn't make it at all.  

I was on the chase.  
Chasing after Jacob is a full time gig.  
Not only do we have to keep him away from the Christmas trees, but now we have to keep him out of the bathroom, because he's learned how to sticky finger his brothers' toothbrushes.  
No toothbrush is safe.  

And when he gets one, he brushes his teeth with it, and does a little dance. 
The dance is rather adorable.  
Princess was not amused. 

But see, here's my sweetboy, he's feeling better. 
He actually was feeling good enough that I had to raise my voice at him, aka he was feeling good enough to be obstinate.  So I'll take that as a good sign.  He spent most of his time just parked on the couch, watching tv, his favorite thing to do, so he was in an excellent mood, until he had to move.  Just the one big of pukies, but I made him carry around a puke bucket all evening just the same. 

Having more than one boy home all day is purely exhausting to Princess.  
I understand, me too Prinny, me too.