Saturday, December 27, 2014

On Christmas day in the morning


Merry Christmas!  

We hope that you all have had as wonderful and merry a holiday as we have.  But I know that you all want to see how the boys fared, and how adorable they were.  So here you go.

A Top Ten of Christmas Morning, also known as our at home celebration.

10.  The best moment.  The boys slept in until 8:30 - woohoo!  So we were very ready to come down when they were.  They couldn't wait to check out the cookies and milk, and read what Santa had left behind.

9. The boys dig in to their stockings!  Santa left candy, and some Octonaut water toys, and some stuffed Transformers.  They couldn't wait to dig right in!

8.  Jacob is not a morning person. If there was one of my children that might take to coffee, it would be this one.  He was also a snoochy mess, so he spent most of the present opening on Daddy's shoulder or in his lap.  It was a fair trade, he'd been in my arms or on my boob all night long.  Stupid viral crud at Christmas! 

7.  Santa decided that Sam is a big boy now.  Sam upgraded to real Legos.  He got Sam the metalbeard set from The Lego Movie.  Not sure who was more excited, Chris or Sam!

6.  Sam chose wisely.  The best thing about Christmas this year, was the presents that the boys picked out for each other.  At the end of November, Sam picked out this Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Christopher.  Some week later, Chris sat on Santa's lap, and asked for a Leonardo turtle of his own, he plays with Sam's all the time.   I think he asked multiple times, and every time I just smiled, because the one who knew him best, knew his heart's desire, had been his little brother.  And yes, Chris was stoked.  

5.  Funny thing about the Santa choosing The Lego Movie legos for Sam.  Chris did too, and made Sam's day!  See?!  It's my favorite part of the day. 

4.  Santa brought what Mommy asked for, a Tent!  Christopher was as excited as I am!  It's a 2 room, 8 person jobbie, that's going to rock!  We are going to Camp this summer!

3.  Jake moved for this present.  Sam has Scout, a similar dog thing, and Jacob kept stealing it.  And Jake kept eyeballing this one at the store.  He didn't care if it was purple, like that would be girly or something.  It's the same voice as Scout.  And when he opened this one, he couldn't wait to play with her.  He didn't even wait for her to come out of the box! 

2.  This one was another big hit.  Sam picked out this light up Jake and Neverland Pirates thing for Jacob at the Disney Store.  Jacob loves it!  I worry if his eyesight will suffer, or if it will even survive to make it to our trip to DisneyWorld, but he's developing some great button pushing skills.  

1.  As you can imagine, after the Christmas tornado tore through the living room, the big boys took their legos and ran into the basement, not to be seen or heard for a while, and Jake had run of the place.  After he warmed up (imagine Jake on coffee!) he got busy to playing with his toys.  His pants kept falling off, so at one point, he came into the living room, pantsless, riding his ridealong, and smiling the biggest cheese.  It was great!  I do so enjoy our Christmas mornings at home.  

And a Merry Christmas too!