Friday, January 2, 2015

I am Resolved

Every other year or so, I get this wild idea to take a picture every day, or blog every day.  And then I do it, and by about September or October, it starts getting cumbersome.  Last year was the same.
So for 2015, I resolve NOT to take a picture every day.   Or at least, I don't plan on blogging about it every day.  I just want to tell sweet stories about my kids, and what we're up to. Heck, I am still trying to get caught up from last year.  Ugh.  It shouldn't be such work.  I should enjoy blogging, I want to enjoy blogging again.  I want to enjoy photography again. I resolve to shoot more in manual.  I resolve to get better on my own, not through pressure, but by the gift of Time and Effort.  I want to take better pictures.  Not just lots, but Good Ones!
I resolve to get Healthier, both mentally and physically.  Eric and I resolve together to get in shape to be able to hoof all over Disney World by Summer.  I'd like to be in good enough shape to be able to run a 5K again by then, not because I want to be running a 5K in WDW, but because I was in pretty decent shape back in 2012 when I could last run a 5K.  I want to be able to do it.  So I got started.  I went for a walk.  Baby steps!  I can walk a mile or two, but really, that's the max I've been able to do since Jacob.  I keep trying, but fizzling out.  So tonight I went for a walk.  I was fed up at yelling at the kids all day, I wanted a quiet walk by myself, but then Sam wanted to come with me.  So I said ok, thinking he'd never make it the mile I wanted to go in the 35 degree temps.  But we heard it was only gonna get colder in the coming weeks, and I really wanted to get out while I could.   But he surprised me.  He did wonderfully, he was excited to chat and walk the whole mile.   He kept up with me, and held my hand. He wanted to tap the Stop Sign just like I did.  Maybe he's just been making me crazy because he needed some individual attention.  He even ran ahead of me a bit.  Next time he wants to go even further, he's gonna be my great little personal trainer, and this gets me really excited.  Maybe this will be a great opportunity for both of us.  I know it's Time to take back my health.  I have three wonderful reasons to get healthy: Chris, Sam, and Jacob!  2014 was great for taking first steps toward getting healthy, for the first time in 8  years we did not max out our insurance.  I credit the oils with that.  We've only gotten sick once in the 6 months since I've been using them, and that was just a couple days fever, and an annoying cough.  But I've heard folks down for a week or longer with similar cooties. But I need my brain back too.  I'm hoping my oils can help me with that too.  I feel like they help me focus.   Eric and I resolved together to also take the Ningxia Challenge.  Ningxia Red is a special juice blend featuring the Goji berry, aka the Ningxia wolfberry, from China, among other fabulous anti-oxident filled juices made by Young Living.

A challenge came down from my higher ups, to either start drinking it daily, or bump up my content in the month of January.  I thought, I can do Just January.  No committment beyond that.  But we got a couple bottles, so we should be able to do that.  We even got the special holiday Ningxia Chrome kit that comes with shot glasses.  How handy is that? And frankly, I'm curious, from a scientific standpoint.  What will the effects be?  Will I have a clearer brain?  That seems to be the effect so far.  Maybe it's just that I'm getting 8 hours of sleep a night, not consecutively, Jake still wakes, but he's only been waking a couple times, and going right back to sleep, so the last few days have been better. Maybe he's getting better too?  Maybe doing that shot in the morning, kind of gives us all a boost to better health.  Maybe it will help me lose weight, I've heard it can. I've heard it can regulate blood sugar, maybe it will help with the Hangries I get when I don't eat.  I don't know, but like I said, I'm doing it, for January at least.  I'd like to lose some weight, but I'm not going to 'diet'.  I'm about 15 pounds less than when I had Jacob.  And I've pitched all my nursing bras, but I'd like for my regular clothes to fit better. I find I do better incorporating exercise into my diet, and including "something that has grown recently" into my daily intake rather than just drastically reducing my food, it's got to be a lifestyle addition, not depriving myself. If I deprive myself, I'll end up binging. I hope if I add just those two things, exercise and some fresh food,  with the Ningxia, the unhealthy weight might just melt away.

So these are my 2015 goals, so far anyway.  I'm still feeling the New Year's vibe, maybe I'll think of other ways to achieve my goals.  I've got all year, right?!  Right.


Elizabeth said...

WONDERFUL, Cathy! Great goals, great attitude, great motivation! You've got this!