Thursday, December 18, 2014

Llama lips


On Monday, a friend of mine was in town visiting.  Big Obs, Chris used to call her.  She moved to St. Kitts the day Jake was born, to go to veterinarian school.  This was her first time back.  And she and I had tried to coordinate our schedules.  But we hadn't the gift of flexibility of vacation yet, our week was still going full steam ahead.  But we could play on Monday.  So we joined Em and her mom Mary and traveled up into outer Sheridan to meet up with one of their friend's who has a Llama farm.  Well, a couple llamas and alpacas.  I would've gone even if not for the awesome destination, just for the opportunity to catch up with my friends.  But this was a double blessing. We got to chat and catch up the entire drive.

Once we arrived at the farm, and got dressed for exploring, I let Em take a pic of Jake and I.  

There were chickens.  They were making great noises, I thought there was a toddler griping behind me, but no, it was just these girls.  Very pretty too.  

Marshall the llama is happy to have a snack of hay.  
Pucker up baby, who wants to give this face a kiss?

This is Jackson the Alpaca.  He was shorter than the llama, and his hair so soft.  But he was also a little skittish, and more interested in snacks than anything else.  

Jackson has a little 'discussion' with the llama across the fence.  
We watched him get snippy and spit.  Poor thing had acid stomach flews for doing that. 
They have as many stomachs as cows, and they chew their cud too, but don't make them angry, because some funky stuff will come out.

Emilie, Marshall the llama, JoAnne (who I want to be when I grow up!) and Mary

Old friends and a couple new ones.  

Jackson the alpaca is all about the snacks, but he's so gentle he would literally eat out of our hands.

JJ the alpaca wants to give us a kiss.  
This was my favorite photo of the day.  

He's pretty content chilling with his buddies the sheep.  

Jacob was not too sure about that.  
But JJ thought Jacob was pretty cool.  
He makes that serious face all the time, and cracks me up.  But this time he had reasons to be concerned. I loved visiting this farm.  This gal has her own animals, shears them, then uses the wool to make stuff.  She spins, knits, and weaves; I'm not kidding when I say I want to be her when I grow up.  Just not too sure about the actual farming part.