Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wow, between Ouch and Boing

Once again, I'm up early to wish my sweetboy a happy birthday, but for his special day - he's sleeping in!  So I get a chance to get caught up on some blogging.   Thursday was an interesting.  Chris went back to school, and Sam stayed home, because he woke up with the fever.   It was too bad, I had a brunch thing I was supposed to host here.  But I really didn't want to cancel it, I'd bought makings for a brie wheel and everything.  Luckily, my friend Julie bumped it to her house.  So we cooked our brunch, and had a prayer session with my bible study friends.  I am really enjoying this crew.  We went around the table and described 1 thing that we admired in each other person.   I couldn't keep from crying.  I've only known these gals a couple months, but they've got me pinned.


And I was so Thankful.  They said you could learn a lot about someone by cooking with them. 
It's so very true!

I was also pretty happy that Eric was working from home, so Sam could just stay put watching tv.  Chris went to school, and Jake came with me.  But after my group I popped in to school, to check on Chris.  It was his lunch time, so I figured I'd either eat with him, or grab him and bring him home.  When I got to the cafeteria, his friends were eating, and he was just sitting there, tired and zoned out, he hadn't even opened his lunch yet.  I brought him home.

Then I had all kinds of sweetboys parked in the living room just chilling out.  

Well, it gave me plenty of time to work on the projects for Chris and Sam's Winter Parties. 

One project was a build your own Olaf out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks.  Snack officially would be cookies and milk, but on the side, they could play with this, and either eat it or take it to go.

This game was called Snowman smash.  We take socks and knock down the Olafs.  
They drew them with snowmen on Pinterest, but I made Olafs.  I thought it was more fun being Frozen themed, both for the kindergartners and the 3rd graders.  Did I mention that somehow I ended up being in charge of both parties?  Not my wisest move.  But I volunteered to be Sam's room parent, and then I signed up to help out in Chris's class.  They didn't have a room parent.  So Eric and I decided to Tag Team Room Parent.  So technically, Eric and Cathy are parents for both classes.  So I chose to make the same games, snacks, and crafts for both classes.   The craft was a craft foam build your own Olaf, in theory the pieces of craft foam can be spritzed with water, and used to build an olaf on a window.  But all that craft foam made  me a little light headed.  It's not a good kind of huffing to cut up pieces for 40 kids, plus extras.  We had to run out for white foam 3 times!  God Bless Eric for doing a couple runs while I precut what I could while watching White Christmas.  Ouch and Boing indeed.  Hope these kids appreciate it!