Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday Baby


By now, I should stop calling Christopher, baby.  He's 9.  How weird is that to say?  I have a 9 year old son.  Yup, still sounds weird.

Look what the birthday pig brought - it's a helmet! With rubber spikes?  
These pigs today do the oddest things.  I love how Prinny was interested too.  

So this was heard from my 9 year old over breakfast, "I love getting new clothes for my birthday!"
I'm gonna remember that one, kid! 

Our big present to Christopher was a bike.  
He'd told me he wanted a blue bike with a thing to make it stand up, a kickstand, and those thingies that stick, aka the trick pegs.  I never knew anything about boys bikes, but when I was hunting, I saw this one, and thought it would be just perfect.  It was the exact perfect shade of blue.   And Chris loves it.  It makes me sad he can't ride it for a while because it's now winter, but he'd told me when we asked if he'd like a new bike (when the old one died) if he'd mind getting one for Christmas or Birthday because he wouldn't be able to ride right away.  He said he wouldn't mind.  The only bikes he's ever gotten up to this point have been gently used, or what the heck present bikes, because he's a winter birthday.  This year though, he got a beautiful new bike.  And it brought him great joy! 

Christopher got to be the Third Wise man in the Sunday School Christmas Pageant.  

He had a rather large speaking part, and I thought he did a simply wonderful job!

We came home, got some Starbucks, and made his cake.  I found it at Target, called Blue Velvet.  I thought it would be perfect, and Sam could enjoy it too.  It's like Red Velvet, but Blue!  And what  an amazingly bright shade of blue, it was like turquoise, with transformer rescue bot dinobots taking over the world.  :) 

Happy Birthday my darling!  
It's pretty wild that he's 9 years old now.  I'm still not used to saying that.