Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day at Oma and Opa's

Man, it's Exhausting playing so hard on Christmas day!  
The boys were so exhausted from all their fun, that they crashed on the way to Oma and Opa's house.  Christopher said he didn't, but he certainly looked like he did, nobody looked home.  
But they perked up once we got there.  

My Dad took these couple photos.  
Of course, he had the tripod all set up! 
He managed to capture the boys all being sweet, and before they got covered in food. 

We're learning.  Capture the Cuteness early. 
This is the first year that we got a picture just the 5 of us though, I kind of enjoyed that. 

It was a small party this year. 
I missed my sister, and my cousin Suzy, and Grandma Pat.  
But it was still good.  There was definitely still lots of love and laughter, which is how those who were not with us, would have wanted it.  

Oma spoils the boys getting them some sparkling grape juice, and put it in real glasses for them.  
So handsome and so loved.  I love their matching sweaters this year.  Technically, the sweatervests were to go with the plaids they wore to church on Christmas eve, but we didn't get them, so they wore them separately, and I chose white underneath, because I knew they all had white shirts.  And they looked so dreamy! 

Oma and Opa save the tradition of putting the baby Jesus into the kresh for the boys.  Usually they have to fight some cousins for the job, but this year, they chose to share equally.  

They looked so serious as they put the baby Jesus in his manger.  
So sweet.

Opa got Chris a rockin' Colts hat! 

Sam got a pretty fabulous Colts hat too! 

But I think Jacob has the best Colts hat of all! 
I don't know if he agreed or not, but we'll be wearing it come next month!

The boys couldn't wait to rip into all their goodies from Oma and Opa, and as usual they were completely spoiled.  Not rotten.  Just spoiled.   They really shower these boys with gifts.  They are so loved, and it does my heart such good.  They even managed to find the things I'd been unable to find, like the Imaginext Blue Beetle for Christopher and an Octonaut Inkling and Dashi for Sam.  It had been dramatic, they weren't sure the Beetle would arrive in time, he arrive Christmas Eve afternoon - talk about the last minute, whew! And they solved the Octonaut problem by getting the full set of people.  Brilliant!  The boys wanted to open everything right then and play and play.  It was hard to tear them away and get them home.   It was a small party, and I missed my sis, and my boys got crazy, but we all did ok, until Sam peed in his pants.  Luckily, he'd received some pajamas, so we put the bottoms on him, and headed home.