Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Outtakes


Got a little time this morning, it's been  a crazy few days.  Time for me to try to do a smidge of catching up on the blog.  Friday night, I had a little photo session with the boys.  We're making a Christmas card this year.   And I shot it myself, in manual.  Go me! So, here are some pictures of the process.
A Top Ten, if you will.

1. Christopher is my light model, as I practice taking a few shots trying to get light from the tree, as well as the kids themselves.  He was clearly the only one with patience enough to sit. 

2.  Sam is a goofball. 

3. Sam has a wonderful laugh.   And he knows how to use it.  It's hard to be angry at that silly face.  

4. Sam could Not sit still; he had a lot of trouble hanging on the edge of the couch.  

5.  So I moved Sam, and he got goofier, as if that was possible.

6.  Getting closer. 

7.  Just about got it!  They are all looking at the camera and kind of mostly smiling.  The trick was to have them all raise their hands up, and then put them on their laps. Fast.  And it worked.  

8.  After the photo session was over, Jacob got back up by himself, and got himself into this pickle.  A little too far.  

9.  For Li - My sister always loves our blue snowflake tree, it's her favorite.  So I wanted to get some good shots of it, and send them to her, for prettiness, and calming therapy.  

10.  Blue light it so calming.  I love this tree.  Maybe next year, I'll practice with one of those fancy bokeh makers.  We'll see.