Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Quazy Quilters


Long ago, we were sitting around at Book Club, after reading this book about a Colorado widow woman who made quilts, and talking about how we've always wanted to quilt.  No seriously, fast forward a few months, and the subject comes up again.  And we were all like, no really, we should form a group!  I started a facebook group for the few of us, and we quickly realized that no new projects were going to come to any of us before Christmas.  All of us were working on projects that were gifts.  Me too.   I know, it's crazy for us to take something else on.  But that's why I called the group the Quazy Quilters, because we have to be Crazy, Quazy, in order to do it.  But I want to.  I have not been stretching my brain in any way since Jake was born, and barely been challenging myself since Sam.  But it's time.  And we figured by January, we'd be able to start something for ourselves.  Then A had a great idea!  Her Mom is a Quilter extra-ordinaire and was coming to town for Christmas, and she thought it would be wonderful for her mom to mentor us, and help us get started on our first quilt!

And so she hosted our first class! 

I'm sorry these couple pictures are terrible, they are point and shoots, and we were all busy cutting and piecing our blocks of fabric.  But I really wanted pictures of our class, to capture the frenzy and fun, because it was the high point of my day! 

K and I have the same sewing machine, but I didn't break mine out, I got to borrow A's Husqvarna.  Holy cow!  It's the cadillac of sewing machines.  The thing sews all by itself.  It made my singer look positively medieval!  It was AWESOME!   And fun to use.  I kept goofing up, it was my first quilting project in like 7 years, but it is for me.  And we made a lot of progress in our 3-4 hour class. I'm really pumped to start this group come January!  And I'm even more excited to make a quilt for me, and by me.