Friday, December 12, 2014

Sneaky Elf


This is what happens when he's left to his own devices.  
He's Trouble, I tell you. 
I told him to stop playing in the gate.  So he decides to play On the gate.  On top of his turtle. 

Jake and I were doing some holiday shopping yesterday.  So we asked Grandma if she wanted to help us spend money, since she's in town.  She did.  :)  So we crossed a number of productive errands off our lists.  And then went to lunch at Panera.  It's one of our favorites!  Can't beat good bread and salad and soups, and why am I not there right now?!   Anyway, while we were there, Grandma (who is much nicer than I am) gave Jacob her phone to play with.  And play he did!  He did not want to stop playing to leave. 

One last Grandma snuggle for the road.  
I loved being able to do some elf work with this pair of my favorite helper elves.