Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Last Slumber Party


My sister and niece are going back to Texas already. It feels like they just got here.  I got to see them last Monday, but the boys only got to see them for a bit on Thanksgiving.  So I offered to take Lisa to the airport, and go get her and the girls on Tuesday.  That way they could spend the night, the girls and the boys could go crazy and get their fix.  The odds are very good they aren't going to be making it back home for Christmas, so we've got to get in while the getting is good.
I know, it's crazy to have a slumber party on a school night.  But there really wasn't any other option.  And we just shut them down a little late, they didn't stay up too late, they had to be at the airport about the same time as the boys had to go to school.  Still, there was copious amounts of cuteness.

So the girls were here when the boys got home from the bus.  They all played in the basement.  We skipped Scouts to have dinner as a family.  It was Taco Tuesday. :)  Taco Tuesday is always a big hit with my  boys, but the girls enjoyed it too.  

After supper, everyone got their jammies on, and we curled up to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.  
A perfect end to the evening.