Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A sweetboy's birthday party


My nephew Cole is celebrating his first birthday today!  But we all celebrated his birthday on Saturday morning.  Erica and Karl hosted his First Birthday party.

I got to man Erica's camera, which is pretty similar to mine, and take photos of him eating his first cupcake.  Chocolate of course! 

Eric was using my camera, from across the table, and here's a few that we came home with.  
Erica had made an adorable cake, to look like Chica from Sprout.  Apparently, Cole stops and gets very excited when Chica comes on tv.  So the theme was lots of orange and yellow and a Chica cake. 

He didn't know what to do with it. 
And he got rather upset about it.  
Finally, his mama put a dab of chocolate in his mouth. 

Ah-ha!  That got him going!  
Now he got excited.  

And then he did a number on that cupcake.  
Here's the happy family. 
At least, he was happy until it was time to bathe him in the sink, to get all that mess cleared up. 
I think this is my favorite part of first birthday parties. :) 

Then we moved to the living room, and present opening.  
One is the perfect age for developing a great love of wrapping paper.   
And Cole did not disappoint.  He didn't care much for boxes, but he loved peeling the paper. 

He enjoyed his Elmo card from us.  What one year old doesn't love a nice noisy card?

We also got him some Little People Superheroes and a Batman T-shirt.  
Our sweet little superhero is super set!

But this video shows the big hit of the day to Jacob.  

Somebody loves balloons!