Monday, December 8, 2014

Fare thee well


As I said, my sister came over and stayed with us on the 2nd, since I was taking them to the airport.  We were running a little late out the door, we had Girls going one direction, and Boys going another.

But I made them hold still, ever so briefly so I could get one last picture of them together before they had to go.  It's hard to capture a moving target.  

My Dad showed up at the airport too.  And though Eric had made us a lovely cinnamon roll breakfast, that didn't stop us from having a little Starbucks at the airport while we waited for Lisa's plane.  It was actually a nice opportunity just hang out for a minute.  

Apparently, the girls' backpacks were loaded with stuffies and goodies and snacks.  They kept trying to offer them to me, and get me to share with them.  They didn't understand, these were their special plane time treats.  It was very sweet.  And then well, they got on the plane, and they left me.  
And now I'm sad.  
I miss my Seestor and my sweetgirls.