Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!


Eric's 40th Birthday was Friday the 5th!

The Birthday Pig brought our hero an Underarmour Captain America tshirt.  
Our hero wants to get running again.  

Eric worked from home, so that he could be home to receive his big present from his parents. 
The gift of plumbing! 
 Mom and Dad's gift to him (us!) was to send a plumber over to fix the shower drains in the bathrooms.  Eric knows a ton about building a house, and he is mostly self taught, but really, since we moved in, he hasn't had time to sit down and learn how to fix the drains, let alone to actually fix them.   It was the big obstacle to finally getting the bathrooms fixed.  And when the plumber arrived, Jacob was so intrigued, he just stood outside the window as they banged around in the ceiling under the shower.  Good thing that ceiling already had holes in it. ;) 

After the big boys went to school, we gave Daddy his gifts.   
Sam had a wonderful idea for a gift, he wanted to give him a painting.  So we made a snowman painting out of everyone's footprints.  

And there was coffee.  Lots of flavored fruity coffee, just like Daddy likes, and he's been needing more and more often lately. 

Then we took him to the Disney Store. 
I bet you wouldn't think that the Disney Store is the best place to go on your birthday. 
But on your birthday, the Disney Store, will give you a Happy Birthday pin!  
It just so happened, our friend Erin was working there when we arrived, she works there part time, and teaches music too.  She welcomed us in, gave us a hug, and got Eric a pin.  Too wonderful!  
Then Eric picked a special present for himself, he chose an extra large C-3PO mug, perfect for all the long days and nights he's been working on the horrible project. 

After our mad dash to the mall, we went up to The Journey.  We'd reserved a room, and taken over this fabulous chinese/american/sushi buffet.  Eric's idea of a good meal - all he can eat sushi!

This baby was covered in macaroni and cheese.  
We couldn't take him seriously. 

We couldn't take this boy seriously either. 
Mom decided he needed a Star Wars light saber and Darth Vader mask for his birthday too.  
Just like old times. 
And yet, perfect.  For we've decided that to celebrate both our 40th birthdays this year, we're going to go to Disney World with our family, just in time for our wedding anniversary.  So our big party will be later, but we partied perfectly for now with some family and close friends.