Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decking the Halls

So, Saturday night, after our State Museum adventures, we came home to Eric having put up one of the Christmas trees.  He'd been working while we were gone, but then he finished what he needed, and got the trees out, and during naptime, got the living room tree put together.  The boys were very excited to get started putting ornaments on the tree.


When I got up this morning, I came downstairs, and this was what I found. 
Sam couldn't wait to get started working on finishing the tree. He was putting ornaments on, whether they were Jake friendly or not.  Mostly they weren't.  I began helping, and I dropped one, and it shattered everywhere.  We'd lost 1 the night before too.   So we got more careful about Jake friendly ornaments on the bottom.  

 Jacob quickly figured out that he likes to help with the tree too.  And we learned, that isn't necessarily a good thing.  He likes to pull ornaments off the tree.  And sometimes throw them.

When Jacob pulled one off the tree, threw one, and shattered it, all while we were running towards him, we had to put him in lockdown.  He did not appreciate being locked in his high chair.  But he was breaking too many things.  He shattered our hand painted Niagara Falls ornament.  :(

Meanwhile, Sunday evening, Kaylee had a party.  It was her official, Chemo is Over party. 
It was just an open house at their church, but it was good to see lots of friends, family, and prayer warriors who have been supporting her all this time.  Apparently, some of her cousins made the trip from multiple states away for this party.  What an honor!  She really had an army of prayer warriors praying for her!   
The last time we got the whole fam to pose for a picture all together, was like one month before I found out I was pregnant with Jacob, and weeks before her diagnosis.   And I love that we have three new family members too. ;) This is a picture of triumph!