Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Parties


I wrote about the great american craft foam insanity of 2014.  
I had gotten this great idea about using craft foam, to build our own Olafs, and we could stamp them to our windows.  It was a great idea... in pinterest theory.  God Bless my mother in law, after I needed to run to Micheal's for the third and final time for white craft foam, she helped me do the last of the precutting, so the kids could come in and make circles out of squares, and Bam! There'd be Olaf. 
But Mom helped me make them, and we cut some out, it only took us 20 minutes.  We figured the classes could do it.  Nope, not exactly.  Still everything else went so well, it didn't matter. 

I got Sam's class this time.  Sam had been feeling poorly, but hadn't had a fever since Thursday morning, so even though he was weak like little kitten, we sent him to school.  He was tired, when I arrived at his school, so I oiled him up with some peppermint and he perked up for the party.  Apparently, he'd gone down to the nurses office, but it was so crowded they couldn't even take his temp and sent him back to class.  The nurse came by in the middle of the party, but I assured her he was fine, tired, but fine.  He probably just needed a big fat nap, but that wasn't going to happen since he wanted to be participating in the winter party! 

  Though somehow Eric thought they were meant to glue them after instead of just putting the pieces in a bag, so the third graders had a rough go of it.  I'm sorry I had not made my plan clear. 

Oh well, the kids still had a Wonderful time.   They played games, made crafts, ate a bunch of sugar, and had a great time.  It was exactly just as Christmas Break should begin!