Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sweet dogs


How cute are they?!

Santa brought Jacob his own Leap Frog dog, named Violet.  
Violet got programmed yesterday with some of Jacob's favorite things, like being able to say the name Jacob.  Jake kept stealing Sam's dog Scout, and now they both play with their own dogs again.  Jake came upstairs to play on his own, and this is where we found him, playing sweetly with his brother and their dogs. Such cuteness.  We had to update Scout's information too.  Instead of saying that Sam's favorite animal is a cat, it's a dog too.  And instead of saying that Sam's favorite color is yellow, which it was when he was 2, thus the nursery painted yellow, now it's green.  First it's their favorite color changing, next they'll be moving out to college.   Makes me sad to think of my boys growing up so fast.  
At least they are content to play with their little noisy dogs for the moment.  

Stay young and sweet my littles, at least a little while longer. Pretty please.