Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tree is up, the baby is in lockdown

I was griping online about how Jacob had destroyed 4 ornaments, well, 3 himself, and I had dropped one trying to keep him away from it.  I was getting rather frustrated, feeling like I couldn't turn my back on him for a second.  A friend, jokingly, posted a picture of a Christmas tree, surrounded by a baby gate.  And I thought to myself, I have that gate.  It's sitting on my front porch.  I'd tried to sell it for 20$, and to give it away for free to someone else, just to take it away.   And it hadn't worked.  It was a sign.  

It was a sign that I hadn't been able to get rid of that gate.  
For now the tree is safe! 
And now Jacob can't get to the ornaments.  And he gets frustrated. And I laugh at his frustration!  HA!  I am smarter than a 19 month old!