Monday, December 22, 2014

Willman Family Palooza


Well, we survived the weekend.  Barely.  It was off to a gangbusters start as the boys started feeling really sickly Friday night.  And we had invited all of Eric's Dad's family to our house for a Christmas luncheon and baby shower.  Sam and Jacob were acting very odd Friday night.  Then Jake didn't sleep.  He got the fever, that had bothered everyone else.  And Sam was so hysterical, that even though he'd spent most of dinner crying how he wanted to go home, Friday night into Saturday morning, he kept crying out about it, even though we were already home.  I was worried so Eric slept with Sam and I slept with Jake. Now I think we've both got their cooties.  But I don't think the Fam caught them.  Because we booted the boys out.  We sent all three to Grandma's house, and took shifts watching them, while we hosted the family for a great lunch at our house.  Actually, I think I got a lot more done in prep and whatnot without the boys around.   But I missed them.   We had fun, and they had fun, but I think it would have been better together.

There was lots of fam milling about.  
The meal consisted of ham balls, chicken and noodles, beef roast, mashed potatoes, and a plethora of sides and snacks that folks brought in.  It was a great spread, one that Grandma and Grandpa would have been happy of, I'd like to think.  I missed them.  It's our first holiday without Grandpa, and it was weird.  I mean, everyone was still there, and there was a lot of laughter and joy, and that made me smile.  Dollie Beth made the comment when there was one moment where I just sat back and smiled, listening to all the cousins and their 'joyful noise'.  She said that Aunt Max used to do the same thing.  Just smile at it.  Funny, how it makes me nuts when it's the boys being crazy at the day to day, but at Christmas when it's Everyone's noise, I love it.  

Suddenly, after lunch, after Eric left to relieve Mom, people started handing Christina presents.  
The shower had begun.   Aunt Jill got a kick out of some Grandma bibs.  

But Uncle Dave thought he should have this one. ;) 

And then we were all circled around in the kitchen, getting ready to welcome the newest Willman. 
I love how we still celebrate each new member of the family.  Aunt Betty made sure that the newest member got a piggy bank, with some starter coin, "legal tender, but not to be spent" just like Grandpa gave all of the kids.  It's those starter coins that lead to more.  

I had planned on making a little somesing for Christina, but it didn't work out, yet.  
But there were some other goodies I was able to find for her, even some Oily things.  

Aunt Jill had sent plates, and cups, specially ordered for the occasion, in advance. 
And they slayed us.  Typical wonderful Aunt Jill, with plates of the parents-to-be!

Daddy to be Simon got a kick out of the plates too. 

I got a cake, and the great gals at Kroger really managed a great job of matching to our theme cups and plates.  

Welcome Baby Willman! 

Grandy got to cut the cake. :) 

After the shower portion, I went to relieve Eric, so he could get in one more bit of bonding in with the cousins, and aunts and uncles and Fam.  

The boys were parked on the couch at Grandma's.  
I don't think they'd moved in hours.  They'd watched Home Alone, Smurfs, and I don't even know what all.  But they were calm and happy.  

And whatever they'd done or not done at Grandma's, they were exhausted.  
Sam fell asleep during Family Movie Night later.  

And this pitiful wee beastie was feeling really puny, his cheeks were all hot, by the end of the evening.  I hoped he'd be healthy for Chris's birthday the next day, but I wasn't sure.  Turns out, that was the last of the fever.  He was just Mr. PinksCheeks and exhausted from epic snuggling at Grandma's house.