Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Mess of a Day


Every have one of those day when you just want to take the day off and play with your loved ones?Yesterday was kind of one of those for me.  Mostly unintentionally though.  In the morning, when we should've gone to Kindermusik, Jacob overslept  and though I did get us ready and look at the clock because we were late, and as I patted his bottom right as we walked to the door, I realized, he's wet, he's hungry, and when the phone rang and it was my sister, well, we just ended up staying home.   I had a good talk with my sister, who is a better man than I, dogsitting for a family member who hasn't seen us in years.   And Jake and I had some time playing on the floor. He's getting quite good at cruising. Taking a break to talk to Eric, we realized Eric hadn't packed a lunch, so we decided to kidnap him, well, we met at Friday's.  

That last tooth that had come in last week had regressed, and been coming back out slowly all week.  He's a bit of a hot mess too. But he wanted to eat puffs and try to take my camera.

Sam thought it was hysterical to meet at a place called Friday's on a Friday!  

I realized that Sam's lips were looking rather disgusting, but only where I'd been putting chapstick on him. Over lunch, Eric looked at the ingredients, and we found that Chapstick puts artificial colors, like Red 6 and 40 in their lip balm.  I'd been making it worse.  I felt terrible.  What a sucky mom.  But Sam didn't care.  He did think it was gross though that I put aquaphor on him at bedtime.  I'll have to get him his very own non -red 40 chapstick some time.  But his face is looking so much better today! 

The weather took a turn for the better.  It was really warm, but tremendously windy when we were out in the early afternoon.  By the time Daddy got home from work it was nice enough for a couple big boys to play outside.  They've really been loving to go out and play in the driveway as the weather has felt so much more springlike, up into the 50s! 

While I'd been home chilling in the morning, I got to online chat with my sister in law, and I found out Lexi had a orchestra concert last night.  Well, it was the ISSMA Ensemble Contest.  She said that Lexi performed at 5:25.  We actually hadn't had any plans this evening.  Chris had been invited to movie night at his school, but he's off screens until spring break, so he was grumpy.  But he loved the idea of seeing Lexi play, Grandma had taken him last year.  I've never seen her play in public.  So as soon as Eric got home, we all piled in the car and dashed.  We pulled into the school parking lot at 5:24, and arrived in the gym just as the Orchestra was to perform. I couldn't see Lexi.  She's a cello, they're hard to miss.  But I scanned and scanned.  I checked in the audience for the fam, but couldn't find them either.  

The orchestra did great, and we applauded every song.  There were 3 quick songs, and when they were over, we left.  I got in the hall and called Amy to find out where she was.  She was at a different school.  We had chosen the wrong school.  Apparently, Alexis was in the Middle School, not the Intermediate School. Oh yes, that's right, I've lost a year of time, she's not in the intermediate school anymore. :( 

What are the odds that at the exact same time in the exact same town, that two middle school orchestras would be performing at the same time, wearing the exact same black Avon shirts!?! 

Oh well, maybe I'll make the next concert.  

So we left.  Yet we found ourselves in Avon, on the main drag, and hungry.  That rarely happens, so we called Mom and Dad to see if they had dinner yet.  Not only hadn't they eaten, they were 1/2 mile ahead of us on the road.  They'd gone to the right school and were on their way to dinner.  So we got to have a yummy dinner at Outback with them, the boys talked geeky, and I got to laugh with Mom.  We haven't seen much of each other lately, and the younger boys and I had missed her.  Turns out she used to make up fiction stories for Eric and Ryan just like Eric does with Chris.  Although hers starred "Ickypoo and Rynyroo".  It was good. And when we left, the sun was setting, turning the clouds beautiful shades of pink.  Even though it was rough, and nothing seemed to go as I planned, they must've gone according to God's plan, because it was still a Good Day.