Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maniac Monday


Monday was Spring Break for Christopher...but not for Sam.  So I arranged a special surprise for Chris.

A playdate with his "BFF" Claudia. 

Neither her Mom or I told either one of them of our plans, for if they hadn't worked out, there would have been Mass Hysteria.   Both kids are loving, kind, and Super Sensitive.  Sometimes their sensitivity can be trouble, especially when things don't go according to their plans.  And these two are schemy schemers, and coming from me, that's saying something!   So, on Monday, we kidnapped Claudia for the time while Sam was in school.  They were wild, like giggling mad tornadoes running all over the house laughing and playing.  The kids played Superheroes, video games, and then I made Chris practice the piano before we chose to go out for lunch.  Claudia helped him practice.  She knew how to whistle, so she hopped on the bandwagon, and they whistled Mary Had A Little Lamb together.  

After piano practice, I took the yahoos to McDonald's.  Not just any McDonald's, the one in Avon with a Playplace.  That thrilled the kids.  They shared nuggets and played until they were exhausted.  They were adorable together, but about a half an hour before it was time to take her home, they started snipping at each other, like they were tired.  I would've started a movie, but it was time to go.  One more final round of video games, and we were good to go.  They were adorable playing around the house together.  

I think our playdate was the perfect start to Spring Break for Christopher! 
But I don't see him thinking anything else topping it.  Little does he know what I have planned....
he comes by the scheming honestly.