Thursday, March 6, 2014

House Play


I was just talking to my sister this morning about how Jacob has learned to actually use the play table for its intended use.  He stands up to play with it!  

That may not seem very exciting to the uninitiated, but to us, it's really exciting.  
Up until today, he was pulling it down in his lap, or knocking it down.  At one point, we took the legs off of it, so he could play with it.  He still picked it up and threw it around, or got clobbered by the random table legs on the floor of the living room.  So it's only been a recent development to put the legs back ON the play table.  Mostly he tries to play it, and pushes it into the wall, or the entertainment center.  It was pretty huge that today he started playing with it, and circling around it to play all by himself.   Way to go Jakers! 

I kept Sam home today, he was loose boweled last night and woke to a mess this morning.  
But he's fine now.  In fact, he's mad I won't let him eat cheese. 
And you never saw a boy so happy that his brother came home from school so he could play.  

They are pretty sweet together. 

I got me some pretty sweet boys. :)