Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Emily!


Today was Emily's birthday.   Her 8th.  
And we were able to go and celebrate with her.  
With naptime and all, we didn't arrive until just after supper started.  
It was a perfect night for pizza! 

Emily and her best girlfriend Mary being silly while they have their pizza supper.  

Jake immediately made friends, he and Rachel started talking to eachother in squeaks and jibbers I couldn't understand.  She understood him just fine. 

After supper, Emily's great grandpa J. had to hit the road.  I quickly snapped this photo as they got their hugs goodbye.  It ended up being one of my favorites of the whole day.  I love their tenderness, and honest loving hug.  Over their shoulders is a picture of Jesus hugging a child. It's that same kind of love.

Before presents, the elder girls all got on the floor to play with Jake.  
Or maybe they were just playing with the baby toys in Jake's presence...hard to tell the difference. 

Emily opens a beautiful dress from her Grandma! 

Totally stoked - a package full of Frozen stuff from Aunt Joann!

Chris picked out this t-shirt for her himself.  He says it's Minecraft Captain America.
I guess pixelated is cool again.  Fine by me.  I just can't figure out Minecraft.  Glad the kids get it though.

Mike made a comment, I don't even remember what it was now, but this was the look he got from Em.  
I'm going to crop and straighten this bad boy out, and compare it to the looks we get in 5 years. 

Frozen Coloring Fest. 
Obviously the girls thought that coloring characters from Frozen, but the boys were nowhere to be found. 

Little Big Girl getting ready to blow the candles out on her cake.

Mommy and Daddy with the Birthday Girl. 

The whole Julius family! 
Sarah asked if I would take a picture with her in it too, you probably don't know how huge that is, she's a little Sensory like Chris.  But the fact that she asked me, well, it's a huge honor.  
And the picture turned out good too. 

The cake was a cupcake cake, which was a big hit for the kids.  Sam just ate icing. 
I got to try a cupcake with Edy's Smore's ice cream, which may be on my list now of favorite ice creams.  So yummy!

After we sugared them up, they wanted to go outside and play. 
Chris has been begging to swing on that swing for months. 

While the kids played outside, Jacob was inside losing his mind.  
Kathleen got him giggling and smiling by ticking him and tossing him in the air.  
It didn't last though, so we had to hit the road before dark, he still lost his mind on the way home. 

The birthday girl was off to swing on a star. 
What a very Happy Birthday, and I'm happy we got to spend it with her!