Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mostly Snowed In


Well, Eric leaves town, and we get snow dumped upon us.  
And he leaves town and calls at 1:30 to tell me he made it to Vegas. Fnar.  
Sam wakes me up at 2:30 because he puked.  It's the one and only time he did, but if forced us into lockdown for the day.  I guess that was ok, since we got another inch.  I didn't even leave the house, I suppose I could have gone out and shoveled, but I just didn't want to leave the house, or put clothes on. 

I mean really, how often do we get the chance to just Stay In.
Eric told me, he didn't care if I didn't do the driveway the whole time he was gone.  We'll see. 
I may need to send the school.  But being 'snowed in' today was nice. Even if it was only 2 inches on the ground.  More is supposed to be coming.  We'll see. 

Jake couldn't decide which was better, pulling himself up to the table and look at the window at the snow (which he was watching when I grabbed the camera) or watch Sam play video games. 

Jake wants to cruise all over the place.  And he wants to play with his brothers all the time. 
Chris spent the weekend grounded for stealing the ipad, but I managed to capture him sneaking a moment of ball play with Jacob after I had finished preparing lunch.  It tickles me to catch them having fun together. 

Oh and, 

This little guy got busted sneaking into the birdfeeder.  But then he ran up the tree next to the house, and started grabbing a bunch of leaves.  He filled his cheeks up with leaves and ran higher, confusing the dog to no end for she couldn't see him anymore. 

It was a nice quiet day to just curl up and hang out at home. 

But hey, if he to have the pukies, at least he was thrilled to curl up on his new lime green Christmas sheets. 

2 inches shouldn't count as snowing us in, some days it just doesn't take much to push us over the edge.