Monday, March 10, 2014

Driveway play

It got up to 60 degrees outside today.  It felt so good.

Neither Jake or I wore our coats.  When we picked up Sam, he told us that he went out for recess, and I realized it was in excess of 50 degrees outside.  Jake and I hadn't been out since dropping big brother off at school.  And it felt so nice.  Sam asked me if he could play in the driveway instead of napping.  Frankly, I thought it was a brilliant idea.  And I felt that Jake is finally big enough to join him.  We didn't have Jacob out to play  much last year.  But I couldn't leave Sam out along.  And really, this is perfect weather for Jakers, not too hot, not too cold.  So I put Jake in the wagon and walked him around the driveway while his brother played. He did a great job of sitting up on a blanket, so I didn't have to worry too much about him falling over.

Oh man!  He thought that wagon was fun.  

So much fun he wanted to drive it himself! 
And Jake loved being on the go!

Sam broke out his 'motorcycle' to cruise around the driveway.  

Sam wanted to race Jake and I up and down the driveway.  So I would start walking, and every time Sam would get close Jacob would laugh.  So I told Sam to just come at us while we didn't move.  And Jacob just Laughed.  He thought his brother was hysterical!  Indeed he is pretty funny.  But Jacob's sweet laugh is funnier, and Sam laughing at Jake laughing was the best of all! 

I got tired making laps in the driveway but Jacob didn't want to stop watching big brother. 
He thinks his brothers are so cool. 

When Chris came home, he wanted to play too.  Both boys had had outdoor recess, and it couldn't have been a prettier day for it.  I was trying to get Jake to nap, but it wasn't happening.  Guess he wanted to go back outside and play with his brothers.  Chris cracks me up playing on toys too big for him.  Well, technically they are too big for his age and length, but he weighs enough just fine.  

What a sweet silly goose! 

Chris and Sam invented a game that involved Chris riding the trike into what was left of the snowbank. 

And Jake thought it was a great game.  
They are pretty funny.  

They had a wonderful time playing outside. 
Which is good, because although it got up to 60 today, we're expecting more snow later this week. Blah. 


Unknown said...

Look at all those teeth!

Elizabeth said...

You got so many great pictures!

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