Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Party Day, Phase 2

80/ 365

We held Sam's 5th Birthday Party at our house this year.  We alternate every year, one birthday Out, one birthday at Home.  This year, he requested all things Green. So I took some liberties at what would be at a Green Party.

First, I shopped for cake.  I found a key lime cake mix at Target while shopping this week, as well as vanilla.  Sam told me he wanted both.  It was a hard decision.  I ended up with both.  We baked and decorated a key lime bundt cake with key lime icing, and vanilla cupcakes with green dinosaur icing.  I found kits with candy triangles, and little heads on toothpicks, and the wrappers were dino legs.  They were so cute, I couldn't resist.  

For centerpieces, I broke out the white tulips that I found at Trader Joe's. 

They don't make them green. I suppose if they'd had carnations, I could have put them in green water and blah, blah, blah, but frankly, I like the white better.  Simple yet elegant. 

While I was running all over town, getting Lisa and going to Daddy's Retirement, Eric came home and rescued me, by putting all the things back together around the house.  When I got home, the house looked Amazing!  He put most of the food and goodies in the foyer, so that everyone would feel comfortable enough to spread out...which they did!

When the kids got there, we had dinner - nuggets and macaroni, and other things Sam likes, then the kids went out to play.  Kathleen had acquired a green pinata (a last minute Friday morning request that I'd told Sam no) for us, so Eric put it on a stick and the kids lined up in the driveway (it was 65 outside!) to beat on it. It wasn't the kind with strings, and we didn't have a bat to hit it out yet.  

Charlie was the lucky girl, she knocked the head off the green turtle and no red 40 lollipops and chocolates went all over the driveway.  Kids were diving everywhere.  It was Awesome.  

In their goodie bags, there were glow sticks, the kind that make bracelets and glow fingers.  
Of course, that's just the beginning.  But as the sun went down, and all the glowy things came out, the kids were so excited. Sam especially!  

After the pinata, while half the kids were chomping on lollipops, we chose to do presents.  
Our living room was a Sea of Green! 
I loved it. 

Chris helped Sam, and there was green carnage, and it was beautiful. 

After presents, we broke out the cake.  

5 candles for a big 5 year old boy

When the candles were lit, our sea of green loved ones sang to Sam.  
And Sam blew his candles out, with a little help from his brother.  
I loved the key lime cake, if I see that mix again, I'm snagging it.  But the kids loved the dino cupcakes. 

See all those loved ones.  Sam asked that everyone wear green in honor of his birthday.  Only a couple people didn't get the memo, so we had green bead necklaces for them and for the kids.  Sam was so happy. 
He declared it the Best Party Ever!  
It may just have been.