Sunday, March 30, 2014

Watch out!


Watch out - it's time to Party some more! 

Just when you thought all the birthday festivities were ending...there was more.  

It's Spring Break! 
When Spring Break started for Chris last week, I asked each boy, what was 1 thing that they wanted to do over Spring Break. Just 1 thing.  Sam chose Chuck E. Cheese's, which we hit for his birthday, and Chris wanted to go see the Lego Movie.  Since he'd spent most of March off screens, this was our first chance. So we took the boys to the early show of The Lego Movie.  
It was Great!  I know I'm late on the Lego Movie bandwagon, but I got a big kick out of it.  I expected it to have more product placement and be more commercial selling than some of the prime time tv stuff.  But it wasn't.  It was actually hysterical, lots of great fun for kids and grownups.  The boys had a wonderful time. 
And the song, that is supposed to be obnoxious, Everything is Awesome, was catchy as hell, and stuck in my head even still.

Now there are a lot of fun occasions to celebrate in the month of March, so we had a party at Opa's to celebrate last night to celebrate birthdays for my step-grandma Meb, for cousin Suzy, for Sam and a cheers to my Dad's retirement which officially begins this coming Friday. 

When we arrived at Daddy's, my step-mom put out a typically awesome spread. 
But the boys seats were decorated with these really groovy glasses.  

The girls got these adorable bunny ears.  

Sam kept wearing his for the whole night.  He's stylin'! 

My step-mom found the same green dinosaur cupcake making kit that I did for Sam's party, only her cupcakes were much better, her icing is from scratch and thus, phenomenal.  They were still a big hit with the kids, Again.  Everybody got to blow out tea light candles for all the special occasions. 

 And then we had present  opening too.  Daddy found Sam a Kindergarten workbook, that I'm sure will get a lot of use this spring break and summer.  Sam can't wait to start Kindergarten!

We came home and there was still a smidgeon of daylight left, and the kids had an obscene amount of energy due to a. the aforementioned cupcakes, and b. the fact that Aunt Lisa and the girls followed us home for a slumber party too.   So we set the kids loose in the driveway.  Sam couldn't wait to ride his new birthday bike outside, and it wasn't snowing or raining anymore, at last.  So he rode in the driveway for the first time.  
He loves the new green bike, hopefully he'll be riding without those training wheels in no time! 

We had all the big kids riding, or playing on Something in my driveway, and they were having a great time.  

It wasn't long before they all got cold, and the sun went down, so they all came trickling in, and we piled up on the couch, and snuggled up underneath every blanket in the house.  So we decided to pop in the movie Frozen for a Family Movie Night. 

We had 7 of us parked on the couch, snuggled up watching Frozen.  
Charlie, Lisa, Annie, then Chris, Jake, me and Sam.  I didn't know we could fit 7 of us on the couch!