Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shiny things from Vegas


Daddy got home from his business trip to Las Vegas late on Thursday night.  It was so late, of course, that they didn't see him until yesterday morning.  And he had brought home all kinds of goodies from his trip.  First, he had been talked into going gambling by one of his coworkers.  The coworker lost, but turns out Eric was pretty decent, and he came home on the postitive.  He even brought home a 100$ bill that the casino had given him when he cashed out.  The boys and I had not seen any of the new ones (it says it was made in 2009), and it looked like funny money to me. There were colors and a stripe that had liberty bells turn into the number 100.  I must admit I thought it was color than the boys.  It's amazing the stuff they can do with money to fight counterfitters!

Eric said in Vegas, you can't even put a real coin in the slots any more either.   I'm like What?!  Putting a few nickels in the slots is the only gambling I've done.  What's the fun if you can't hear that great Clink?!  They only use cards, you have to put in at least a dollar for the penny slots.  That's hooey.  I guess it's a way to draw in the kind of gambler that will be there for a while.  That's not me.  Still, it IS possible to go to Vegas and not gamble.  I've done that too.   There is plenty to do.  Lots of shopping.  I loved hitting Coke World and M&M World when I went (can it be that was 10 years ago!?!).  Daddy went to M&M world for a few souvenirs for the boys.  He got the boys little candy dispensers that had all blue m&ms for Chris and all green ones for Sam.  

He also picked up plastic M&M plates for the boys.  Green for Sam, Blue for Chris, and even Red for Jacob!  The boys were thrilled.  They insisted on eating off of them for dinner last night.   Jacob kept slamming his on the tabletop.  We eventually had to take it away.  

This morning, the boys lost their minds when they realized that the dishes hadn't been washed after dinner last night.  I snorted and laughed and told him the dishwasher wasn't full, he could wash them himself.  I didn't think he'd actually do it!  But he did!  He brought his chair around and washed Sam and his new M&M plates so they could use them for breakfast! 

It ended up being a gorgeous day outside yesterday too.  
The first day in months it had gotten up to 50 and not been rainy.  It was sunny and gorgeous. 
We didn't need any stinky coats!  I put Jake in the stroller for the first time in ages!  I hadn't broke it out because who wants to wheel it through the slush and snow.  

It was so lovely we opted to kidnap Daddy for lunch from work. 
He had gotten back so late, I thought he shouldn't even bother with work, but he's all loyal and crap, and wanted to try to do some catch up work, but he forgot his lunch, so we kidnapped him.  It was a lovely day for it. 

Jake missed his Daddy something fierce.  

Oh, and Daddy brought me something sparkly too.  
I was joking when I called him earlier in the week saying, "You owe me huge.  You go out of town for a week, and we are supposed to get a foot of snow (we only got 2 1/2 inches though, but that didn't stop me from trying to shovel it, ouch!) and Sam gets the stomach flu, and Jake gets 3 teeth in 3 days."  Yeah, writing it out still makes it look like it was a rough week.  Amazingly, the boys and I did ok.  Everybody survived.  Actually, the boys had good weeks, it was the first time in weeks that Chris didn't get any darts or tallys at school, and that Sam stayed on the green apple all week!  They were my great helpers.  Daddy told them to behave for me and really, for the most part, they did!  Anyway, Eric brought me a pretty blue bag from The Pearl Factory.  When I opened it, I was so happy to find a choker of pearls!  My goodness, yes he did do pretty well in Vegas and bring me something shiny. A shiny day for shiny presents!