Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Spring Break!


It's been funny this week, having Christopher on Spring Break, but not the other boys, means that we have all the regular stuff going on that I normally do, but With Chris.  He adds an interesting dynamic to the mix.  For the most part, I've tried to do a few things that we don't normally do, there have been a ton more video games --mariokart specifically, being played than normal around here.  But Friday morning was one of my more typically busy mornings. We had to get Sam to school, he was doing snack, then go to Jacob's Kindermusik class.  This was the first time that Chris had attended with Jacob.  Chris got to visit Sam's class on Thursday with Grandma as his teacher, but Friday was with Miss Laraine, who Chris used to also have, and she teaches his piano.  He was surprised because he didn't know we'd get to see her again.  But both my boys had a Wonderful time!  There were a lot of big siblings in this class.  It was actually quite handy having him around, because he was so excited to play with Jacob.  The scarves were their favorite! 

Not sure who was laughing harder, Chris, me, or Jacob! 

After Kindermusik, we picked up Sam from preschool.  Since his actual birthday was on Circus Day, popcorn snack was provided, so he didn't get to bring in a snack.  So he brought cheese, grapes, apple juice, and lollipops (no red 40 lollipops of course) to celebrate his 5th hbirthday at school.  He was wearing this highly fashionable green construction paper crown when we got him.  And he doesn't want to take it off. He reminds me of that kid from the Archie comics, what's his name....Jughead! 

The kids in the class were thrilled to be living with lollipops.  Those kids don't stop moving for a moment. 

And after school, we drove up to Kathleen's, because it was Emily's start of Spring Break too.  
We drove thru Jimmie John's for lunch, and when she came home from school, all the boys were camped out in their living room with the big girls playing MarioKart.  Good Times.  She was surprised.  One of Christopher's favorite memories have been when his vacations began (fall breaks past) and he comes home, gets off the bus to find Julius girls in the driveway ready to play and start the party.  He wanted to do that for Emily.  So we did.  And we played until Jacob was blithering, he'd only napped on the drive up, so he was Done by 3.  Still, the kids had a lot of fun playing video games, and fun time with friends and family is what a Staycation is all about.  For me, anyway. 

Happy Spring Break!