Tuesday, March 18, 2014



I have been feeling Dizzy all day.  This song has been stuck in my head consequently.  youtube.com/watch?v=kCDPlU6ioZU

I woke up this morning, sat up and turned around to grab Jake, and my head began to swim.  Well, crap, welcome back vertigo.
Luckily (?), our plans for the day had a stay-at-home back-up plan, so my friend Melissa brought over some playmates for Sam. And we camped out on the couch, drinking coffee and me not moving much.  I am Thankful that Jake is content, for the most part, in my lap.  That was helpful. Now that he's mobile, he likes to cruise the couch and coffee table.  But when he needed me, he was close. And Sam was so good, he could go and get his own things, he just needed a bit of help.  And he was a huge help to me too.
After naps, I felt less like ass and that gave me hope that I might be able to get behind the wheel of my car tomorrow.  I hope.

So, Jacob was my cohort in crime.
He spent most of the day, like I said staying close.  But he likes to pet Prinny too.

I enjoy a quiet day with sweetboys, but I hope I feel better tomorrow.