Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet and Sleepy


I'm really enjoying being home over spring break with my boys.  
Jacob sported his I Miss Sirius shirt that Aunt Lisa got Chris when he was born.  

It is still adorable, but it looks like its been through 3 kids.  Not surprising.   

I asked the kids today what they wanted to do today, anything.  I thought they might want to go to the zoo, it was 60 and gorgeous outside.  Nope, they wanted to play video games.  Now there came a point when Chris lost his mind, so we turned it off, and they went outside to play for a good half hour or so.  But that was enough to exhaust them.  They were content to just chill out and watch tv after that.  Except Sam fell asleep.  At noon.  He was exhausted.  

But he's so precious when he sleeps.