Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


What's up with my baby sticking his tongue out all the time?

This morning, the boys were all decked out in green.  
We were ready to celebrate St. Paddy's! 
To start, Eric made us a great breakfast of green biscuits.  
We joked that it would make the boys poop green. 
They thought that was hysterical...until Chris found out just how true that was during his flush this afternoon, then he thought it was AWESOME!  I tell you, boys and poop.  Well, boys and any bodily function, really. This day may be forever forward be known around here as a green poop holiday.

We loved the green biscuits.  
Jake and I had a lot of fun today taking the car in, and shopping with Mom for Green things for Sam's party.  And for dinner, Eric sauteed up some shamrock pasta. 
We found this great shamrock pasta at Costco filled with dubliner cheese, it was a big hit all around. 

Perhaps all these foods aren't quite 'traditional' Irish fare.  
But around here, they are becoming new traditions.