Sunday, March 23, 2014



My nieces call me Auntie Cathy.  Lisa calls herself Auntie Lisa.  I never really liked the term Auntie.   But I'm coming to Love it.  Shh...don't that let get around.  As an additional birthday party surprise for Sam, (and Chris because it's Spring Break) and because Lisa broke her toe and we weren't sure she should drive yet, Lisa and the girls spent the night Friday night.  It wasn't that crazy of a slumber party because by the time the party was over, the kids were all blithering.  So they went to bed, and we didn't last much longer thereafter, because we were Exhausted!  Parties are wonderful, but they sure are tiring.

God Bless Leftovers and Freezer Cooking club.  We broke out fresh fruit and Amy's quiche, and it was a fancy breakfast without being a lot of work.  It looked like leprechauns had a kegger all over our house, and Lisa and I felt like it.  We were so sore.  And the kids were so excited to have the girls here, the boys were up at 6:30.  Hello?!  Don't you realize it's a vacation!?!

After breaky, Lisa and I had some tea, watched The Taste, and Top Chef, and I took pictures of flowers, while the kids played.  Honestly, that's all I need in the world. 

Is it possible the tulips got more beautiful in the sunlight? 

The light hit the petals like fingerprints in the light, simply gorgeous.  
I have such trouble deciding whether or not tulips are my favorite flowers.  They are today. 

The kids got dressed and went outside to play.  Never mind that it was 35, and they went without jackets.  They wanted to play.  They didn't last long, and Chris came in a popsicle, so he snuggled up on the couch with Aunt Lisa and I.  

So, my sister got a wild hair...well, not so much a wild hair, but she was feeling better, and wanted to make Tom Yum soup.  It's a Thai soup, that they serve at what used to be my favorite Thai place in Avon.   Lisa has been on the quest to make the perfect one for ages, she just didn't know how to sub out a few of the ingredients.  I don't know what manner of wickedness she put into it.  I was kidding her, and told her it looked like she was making Sweet and Sour Peasant Soup, like from the movie The Birdcage.

She made this face, and told me I was "afraid of her Guatamalaness."

I don't think that was it.  But I do love the smells and colors that come from my kitchen when she gets crazy in there.  Except for all the griping she does about my knives not being sharp enough.  No, they probably aren't.  But they still manage to hack through what I need hacked. 

The pile of cuttings.  Chicken, fresh cherry tomatoes, green onions, straw mushrooms, and rehydrated oyster mushrooms, I think that's what she told me.  Mmm...  the house smelled so good.  I think what I like the most is the lemongrass.  And fresh cilantro.  It takes like spicy freshness.  And when it was all over, it made me warm and happy.  

The final product, Tom Yum Soup.  So Yum! 

While we got the Awesomeness of Tom Yum soup, the kids got the Awesomeness of leftover chicken nuggets, cheese, and vegetables.  

Crazy cousins on the stairs, laughing at Lisa over my shoulder, only we forgot the throw Jacob on there.  Next time.