Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Sunday


We had the girls (Aunt Lisa, Annie, and Charlie) over for a slumber party last night.  And we tried to get us all to church this morning...but it was a miserable failure, so the kids all wanted to drown their sorrows in playing MarioKart.  So Uncle Eric showed them how it was done.   I came upstairs, and found Charlie and Jake playing, and Eric, Chris, Sam and Annie all lined up in a row on the couch.  Playing MarioKart.  Annie needs a bit more practice, but I'm sure she's got some cousins who would be perfectly willing to help her.

Jake and I were the only ones that were exhausted after the slumber party and weeks' festivities, so after naps, someone woke up in a great mood.  He's really making progress scooterbugging across the house.  And this weekend, he discovered the Music Room.  

Yep - Jacob found the drumsticks, and took it upon himself to learn to play drum set.  
He's actually pretty good.  He clearly adored making a Joyful Noise!

While Jacob was joining the band, the elder boys saw the sun come out, and the world warm up to the 50s which we haven't seen in days, so they wanted to go out and play.  Sure they've been outside, Sam doesn't want to stay in, when he's got a shiny new bike to ride, but it was the first time he'd done so on a pretty sunny day.  

We've got the big boys little bikes all set up for them to ride in the driveway, so they have some fun with it.  
Sam still gets a little stuck, he's got to get those toes a bit stronger.  Chris is almost outgrowing his!

But it was a pretty day to get outside and work that pretty green bike.  

I'm so glad Sam really enjoys his present, but even happier that the boys are having fun getting outside again after the nearly endless winter. Hooray for Spring!  Time for bicycles outside, and it feels like soon enough then I'll be making sun tea and drinking it while parked in the shade watching them all three play. I can't wait!