Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fresh Air


Yesterday it got up to 50 degrees.  Unfortunately, school days are not generally days when I can just let the kids go out and play.  Today, though, was a Saturday, and I can!  It's not sunny today, and it wasn't 50, but in the low 40s is still ok too.  Honestly, anything about Freezing feels warm to my thick blood.

Anyway, as soon as breakfast was done, the boys wanted to go outside and play this morning.  So we let them.  Go outside.  By themselves. I must say, that's something new for me.  We don't normally just let them go outside.  Even so, I still had to go check on them after a few minutes.  And they were playing happily in the driveway, just like they'd promised.

Time to break out the bikes?  
Yeah, these boys don't fit on these.  

I suggested they switch.  
And Sam got on the tricycle.  He still fits it, and he was a speed demon on it. 

But Chris didn't want to ride his bike. 
We took the training wheels off 2 years ago, and rather than Try to Learn to ride without them he tried for 2 seconds today and surrendured.  I don't think he remembers how to ride a bike.   Instead it just leaned by the snowbank while he tried something else. 

That one didn't fit either. We haven't tried very much to get him to ride a bike.  He's 8 though, and I think it's time that he get out there and try try again.  Last year, I wasn't up for the fight, but I think this year we're going to get some bike practice in.  First, he's got to remember how to do it, so we'll put the training wheels back on for a bit, and get both of them outside more this year.  Turns out we can trust them to play outside alone for a little while, safely, and let them have some fun.  The best part of all, from the living room, where I was nursing Jacob, I could hear them laughing in the driveway.  Come on Spring, we need more of that outdoor laughter!