Thursday, March 27, 2014

Therapeutic Time


Happy 11 month birthday to Jacob! 

Tuesday, we didn't have much cooking, but we still managed to have another fun day. Christopher had been bugging me for a while to see Miss Lisa, his Play Therapist in Z'ville.  But he always asks at the most inoportune times, like when we're in the car, or at bedtime.  Finally, I remembered to call during normal business hours. So I surprised him with an appointment to see her.   We were a little early, and the people before us ran over, so we had some time in the waiting room, which actually thrilled all 3 of the boys.

There's one thing I love about her waiting room, and I took a picture of the whole thing.  It's a poem I saw a few years back, and I couldn't remember all of it, but I remembered the little crab picture, and the saying, "If they're crabby, put them in water".  I remember it being like an epiphany.  YES!  How many times, had Christopher made me so crazy, and exhausted me, and yet been rejuvinated by a bath?  Countless!  Now if they are acting up in the evening, I throw them in the tub (or suggest Eric do so).  Because - True Story - if they're crabby, stick them in water.  It really works.  

Our appointment went well, even though we spent half of it summing up the drama of the last two years.  As you can imagine, it has some effects on me, on Chris.  So we'll be headed back another time.  After Therapy, we were starving.  So we needed to get some lunch.  We asked the Julius's if they were up to playing, but they weren't quite up for leaving the house, so we brought the crazy to them.  And we drove thru Panera.  Actually, it was wonderfully, the big kids played, even the little kids played some too!  There was bread and soup, and bread.  Jake and John actually touched each other, and kind of played with each other, that's a first.  They were pretty stinking adorable.  They really are going to be best buds!  Good times.