Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Big 5!


Sam is now 5 years old!  

I'd like to be all cutesy and say in honor of his 5th birthday, I'll only post 5 pictures, but I just can't.  
I think I can keep it down to 10 though.  ;) 

This year, Sam's birthday fell on a Wednesday, one of his busiest days.  
Though Chris was on Spring Break, Sam had school.   So we woke up in the morning, he found his big present from the Birthday Pig.  It's a new green bike, just for him.  He was thrilled.  In case you didn't know, Green is his color.  

Christopher picked out a great present for Sam, it's the Gup X from Octonauts.  
Check out how proud he is.  And best of all, Sam was thrilled again.  

His other big present from us.  A big boy booster Green! 

It was to be circus today, so he picked out what he wanted to wear today: monkey pajama pants, a striped shirt, and I made him put on his Happy Birthday To Me shirt...since it will probably be the last time he can wear it.  After he got 'dressed' he hopped back on his bike in the living room, only This Time he had a helper.  Someone else can't wait to ride a bike either. ;) 

Now, as I said, it was Sam's Circus day at school.  
Each year they have their own pretend circus, and it's Fabulous. 
They did an obstacle course, pretended to be tigers, prancing horses, sea lions with balls, even elephants!

Here they were all pretending to be Tigers, and doing tricks on the stepstool, turning around, jumping off it, going around it, lots of great physical activity, and for the last hurrah, they jump off and Growl as loud as they can.  Sam is on the far left.  

My little happy birthday clown. :) 

Daddy picked up Sam after school, and after a while, we went to do what Sam wanted for his Birthday Dinner.  Chuck E. Cheese.  The kids played games, ate pizza, and played some more.  

Sam got a little cheesy with Chuck E. Cheese. 
Chucky brought a nice chocolate cake for Sam, with candles to blow out.  

I think I get a picture of them at the blue car every year.  
It's become an annual tradition.  Hate to see the day they don't fit in there together anymore, 
we're not that far off. 

Now, if you've ever been around here long enough for bedtime, you know we have a rule for the bunkbed loft in Chris's room.  You must be 5 years old to climb up there.  And thus, his 5th birthday was the first day that Sam was legitimately allowed up there. So Chris begged for Sam to be allowed to sleep in the bed with him.  I caved.  Chris is on Spring Break, and Sam didn't have school, just kindermusik class the next day.  So I said Yes. 

Such happy happy brothers. 
All this adventure makes for a happy boy. 
And a very Happy Birthday!