Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fools for treats!


Happy Spring!  It's April!  
And we're Still on Spring Break. 
This whole 2 week thing is so weird, but I'm finding myself really beginning to enjoy it.  
Today, we decided to be wild and crazy and drive ourselves out on a day trip. 
We were supposed to meet some friends in Columbus, but they bailed, but that's ok, we went anyway. 
I loaded up the boys in the car, with snacks and sweetboys, and we hit the road.  
We've rearranged the car, now the big boys are in the way back, Sam in his sweet new birthday carseat, and we upgraded Jacob out of the bucket seat and into the convertible 5 point carseat that Sam had been using the last few years.   It's harder for me to see Jacob, and when he falls asleep his head disappears, I have some tweaking to do, but where Sam used to sit is now an open space, which turns out to be great for spontaneous nursing in the car, or storage.  And the boys are thrilled to be sitting together and all able to see each other.   
Anyway, we drove down to Columbus, and just as we neared Edinburgh, the boys started talking about how bad they had to pee.  I told them to go before we left the house, but such is the story of youngsters.  So I made them a deal, I'd stop to pee in Edinburgh, if they let me shop at one store just to see if I could find matching shirts for all three of them for Easter.  Turns out the Gapkids is right by the bathroom, so we popped in there.  Initially, I didn't see anything that called to me, and Chris said he wanted short sleeve, and Sam said he wanted  long sleeve. But just about the time I was ready to turn and leave, Chris picked up a long sleeve light blue and pastel pin stripe that he said he loved, and Sam liked it, and they had it to fit all 3 boys - Sold!  I wouldn't have picked it, but I love that they picked out their own Easter shirts this year.  Kind of adorable.  Anyway, then we piled in the car, grabbed some cheeseburgers, and kept driving.  

This was our view as we crossed the bridge into downtown Columbus.  
Nice, eh?!

When we parked the car downtown, through a glass building, we could see parts of the Indoor Playground at the Commons, right across the street from the ice cream shoppe that was my main destination.  The boys wanted to play first, so we walked over.  Chris was particularly thrilled when he saw the bike parking made out the letter C.  A quick pic and off we were to play inside. 

This is the Lucky Climber. 
Only a chosen few are crazy enough to try.  
Not me.  And thankfully, Not Sam.  He has come to grips, that he's afraid of heights.  And that thing was like 2-3 stories high.  No way man, no way. Frankly I'm glad Sam didn't want to, he probably would've gotten stuck (like at the Children's Museum) and here was one place, there was no way I could have gone to rescue him. The only height Sam is ok with right now is Christopher's bunkbed, and probably because Sam is sleeping on the inside, right next to the wall, and he's had a few years to warm up to the idea.  Not this.  He had no desire to climb it, but there were plenty of other things to climb.  The first time Chris climbed about 2/3 up before getting nervous and coming back down.  Still, he did better than I.  There would have been No Way.  

I was content with Sam, and Jake, closer to the ground. 

See, Jacob and I were happy chilling on the side.  
Jacob loves to people watch. 
We met a very nice Mom and chatted, she is from my old near Broadripple stomping grounds.  As we chatted, suddenly I heard my name being called.  Although truthfully, it's hard not to turn my head anytime I hear Mommy being called.  But this time, I knew it was for me.  And when I turned my head...

Christopher made it to the top.  
OK, get down before I puke. There should have been some sort of bell or something like at gymnastics for the ones that are brave (crazy) enough to make it all the way to the top.  I cheered for him...apparently, I was a bit loud, I got some odd looks.  I don't care, I was really impressed that Chris made it all the way to the top.  He is my 'lucky climber'!

On our way out of the commons, the big boys chose to make a wish at this crazy fountain. 
Turns out it's a sculpture called Chaos I.  I can see it. 

Anyway, then the boys went across the street, to ye olde soda shoppe, Zahakaros. 

They have a nifty organ that plays on the hour, and a neat player piano thing that someone got going while we were there.  The boys were hypnotized watching the various parts make music.  Atta boys!

Chris ordered a 'Black Cow' aka a root beer float.  I got a scrumptious raspberry chip hot fudge sundae, and Sam chose a Green River soda.  

Honestly, that was enough for us.  I think by the time we played and snacked, we were good to go. 
We posed for one last cheesy photo and hit the road.