Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This weather is for the Birds!


The high today was 12.  The windchill is now -20.  There was tiny piercing snow. It is the epitome of Bitter Cold.  Yes, Baby it's Cold Outside.
And yet, the kids had school, life must go on.  Blessedly, I got to spend some special time with friends today.

But really, the only ones that were content outside today were the birds.

The water from the sump pump is warmer than the ground, so there is a tiny water trail, and given that all other water is frozen, this afternoon, I caught a number of happy little birds out there. 

A chickadee and a junco watch the birdfeeder.  They were a little afraid to come around because Jake kept banging on the window.  

Chickadee on the watch. 

He's looking at me. 

They did come over and get some birdy snacks, so at least I'm taking good care of them. 
I think it was even too cold for the squirrels!